How To Protect Yourself From False Information On Your Credit Report

9 Feb, 2017

You’d be surprised how many people have false information on their credit reports and don’t even know it. Of course, they find out pretty quickly when they try to get

My Car Has Been Repossessed! What Now?

9 Feb, 2017

It happens more often than you might think. After months, and in some cases years, of making steady payments on a car, it might not seem like a serious offense

6 Ways To Spot A Predatory Debt Consolidation Offer

9 Feb, 2017

The vultures appear when an animal begins to struggle. It’s the same in lending and that’s what makes debt consolidation offers so dangerous. There are trusted and wholly reliable sources

The Debt Collectors Won’t Stop Calling… Until You Do This

9 Feb, 2017

Across the country there are very strict regulations about when and how debt collectors can call individuals they believe to be in debt. Yet, debt collectors can be relentless and


24 Dec, 2015

NEW YORK STATE DEPARTMENT OF FINANCIAL SERVICES I, Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services, pursuant to the authority granted by Sections 202, 302, and 408 of the Financial Services

N.Y. DFS Provides Insight on Key Provisions of Its Debt Collection Regulations

12 Mar, 2015

Rule 1.2 Rule 1.2 requires the debt collector, within five days of the initial communication concerning the collection of a debt, to disclose that certain types of income are exempt